We pioneer food solutions that are better, tasty and full of goodness for all walks of life.

Welcome to Hubfoods

Hubfoods is an Australian owned and operated food manufacturing business that was created from a real need. Our original product line was developed to address the gap in the market for quality and tasty food within aged care. We developed a superior offering, through both taste and texture and stepped up to demonstrate there is and can always be a better solution.

Our R&D Difference

Having started as an innovation led business, innovation is in our DNA. Our R&D approach to innovation is simple – WE DON’T STAND STILL, and we continually strive for more.

We identify problems in categories that can be solved through our investment and commitment to innovative R&D and in doing so, we raise the benchmark. It is this innovative mindset that sets us apart from others and helps our team see opportunities from what others see as roadblocks.

Our Products

Texturised Food Range

Above and beyond anything our texturised food range is about providing our end consumers a positive eating experience.

Prepared Meals, Soups & Sauces

Our range of prepared meals is simply delicious and is a great ready to go solution that just needs to be heated.

Multi-Channel Support

Aged care






Pubs & Clubs

Food Manufacturing


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Hubfoods is a trusted partner that consistently delivers to all. For more information about how we can support your organisation, please feel free to call or contact us online.